Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Main minarets are 33 meters in height that adorn each side of prayer hall entrance and four minarets at the corners are half their height (one on the front-right side is in broken condition).

Intricate carvings and geometric designs are seen on all sides of minarets’ base with flower, foliage motif and the pot design at prominent points. Helical steps inside minarets take you up to first & second floors.

Just an afterthought…. do the geometric patterns at the base of these and other similar minarets resemble that of the Qutub Minar?


Anonymous said...

Amazing !!
Came googling for Minarets & Domes. Do you have more snaps and information about other such structures at Champaner?

* Jagdish Chandra *

Sultana said...

This architecture is amazing...Such beautiful intricate detail...I cannot imagine how much patience and time it took for the artisans to craft such beauty...I think that Indian craftsmen have such a gift and talent not found in many other places in the world...Thier skills are so versatile!