Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Cenotaph

As observed & appreciated earlier, the minarete base has beautiful carvings of flower & foliage motif and geometric designs on the exterior.

The Cenotaph is square on plan and has a huge, fluted dome in the center with four smaller domes at corners, a small parapet can be seen on its roof with Chhajja protruding from all four sides.

Ruins of some old brick structure are seen scattered around the complex.

The Kevda complex also has a well and a hauz or tank for ablutions.


Sanjay said...

Hello Sir,

Thank you for these detailed posts. Could you recommend a place to stay if one is visiting this place? I plan to travel from Mumbai this weekend.

Thanks in advance!

Priyatosh Gupta said...

Dear Sanjay,

Hotel Champaner (Managed by Gujarat Tourism) is the only hotel at Machi (half way uphill from Champaner to Pavagadh).

Better stay at Baroda - Welcome or Express Hotel (R.C.Dutt Road), Taj Residency (Akota) or Surya (Sayajigunj). There are plenty of budget accommodations too.

Enjoy your weekend!

magicaldiva said...

thanks for sharing these photos, the locking system of the stones gave me a brainwave for my project at the moment :)