Thursday, February 14, 2008

Well & Vav update

It was in the month of Oct. '07 when I first visited the Helical stepped well . At that time the well was quite full with water and I could not see the steps beyond a point. Yesterday I saw the inner beauty of this well, most of the helical steps were visible ... or so I thought, and I noticed that the actual well is rather deep. Compare the pictures : then ....

& now....!
And here is a picture taken from top left side of the well with helical steps in full view :

Sometime back I had visited another simple yet sophisticated water management structure at Champaner, called Gebanshah's Vav or stepwell. I was informed that first landing level of the well was just the beginning, this well has several levels and is quite deep. True. Yesterday I saw its second & partly filled third level. Compare the pictures : then ....

& now ....!

I am not sure if this vav dries up during summer season, which is fast approaching. However, if and when that happens, I will be there to see how the entire structure looks in absence of any water.