Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kevda & its Missing Dome

The main entrance is through a huge arched doorway flanked on either side by five storey minarets, this entrance leads us to the main double storeyed prayer hall.

One design element that I mentioned in my earlier posts, the Flower, Foliage motif and Kalash (pot) design which probably was indicative of the confluence of Islamic architecture and Hindu craftsmanship, is present here too.

Out of three main domes of prayer hall, apparently one collapsed in the past, hence only two main domes and six small domes on the first floor and four small domes on the second floor remain. A Chhajja can be seen protruding in the front from roofs of first & second floor.

On either side of minarets one can see beautifully decorated Jharokha or oriel window, smaller arched doorway, another Jharokha window and a normal window. Each arched doorway leads us to a large dome from inside, and once inside, like in Jami Masjid, there is an array of decorated columns, beams and brackets forming the Liwan or the prayer hall.

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