Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kevda Masjid & Cenotaph

This is a 3 mihrab mosque, apparently for common people. This Masjid was built during Mehmud Begda’s rule and is a variation – smaller model – of the Jami Masjid, it was constructed in the same style & architecture with beam, column & dome system.

However, as can be seen in the photograph, it has a Cenotaph or Mausoleum on its front side, the presence of which was not observed with Jami Masjid.


Sultana said...

Hello there :)

I do find this VERY interesting. I know that India has some of the most beautiful old masjids, but alot of them are in disrepair i think...Its interesting to note that you said this masjid is for the common people, because in Islam any masjid is open to all people regardless of status. But, maybe in that era of time they belived that it was okay to have masjids for the different classes of people. Subhnallah...amazing!

Priyatosh Gupta said...

Hello Sultana !

Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I am still learning .... so I really appreciate your inputs very much. In fact I have mentioned about this "sort of a hierarchy" in my blog titled "Mihrab".

Thanks and visit again :))