Sunday, November 25, 2007

Prayer Hall

The main prayer hall is 22 meters high with pillars arranged in square format at the ground level and octagonal format at the first & second floors. Galleries on the upper floors are open and permit good amount of light from all directions.

Near the northern side of the Masjid there exists a huge ablution tank, Hauz-e-Vaju, octagonal in shape and has lateral & longitudinal steps that take you till its bottom.

When I visited the tank, it was full up to its brim, steps were not visible at all.


Unknown said...

This tank is the largest ablution tank of any Masjid in the world. The population of Champaner in the year 1526 is believed to be as much as in London in that period.

Have fund and see more pictures on Also if you want any detailed information on Champaner contact me

Priyatosh Gupta said...

Dear Rahul,
Thanks for the info!
Photographs at rahulgajjar are truly amazing.