Sunday, November 18, 2007


West side wall has seven buttresses & sixteen windows with Jali on the outer side and mihrab in the inside. Jami Masjid or the city level mosque has seven mihrab, mosque for royal personnel has five, like the Saher ki Masjid and 3 mihrab mosque for comman people, like the Kevda Masjid. This appears to be sort of a hierarchy.

One design element that I noticed most prominently in almost all the structures was the Flower, Foliage motif and the Pot design which probably was indicative of the confluence of Islamic architecture and Hindu craftsmanship.

Can some one read the Arabic text that I noticed on top side of one of the Mehrab? Do let us know what it says.


Anonymous said...

They are lines for Quraan (Sharif).
Can say exact translations as they are clearly visible. But for sure, they are from Quraan (Sharif).

Priyatosh Gupta said...

Dear Sir,
Thanks a lot for visiting and for sharing valued information.