Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jami Masjid

First place people visit and write about in Champaner is the grand Jami Masjid. Built in the year 1508-09 by Mehmud Begda it stands truly large and magnificent till date and is considered the most prominent structure of Champaner.

1. East Pavilion 2. South Pavilion 3. Special Pavilion

4. Corner Minaret 5. Buttresses 6. Domes 7. Minarets

8. Dargah 9. Courtyard 10. Corridor 11. South Pavilion

The biggest building in Champaner, it encloses an area of 72 Meters by 60 Meters with a huge courtyard, arcaded corridors with 52 pillars, 62 windows with Jali work on the outer walls and 3 entrance pavilions in the center of its east, north and south walls. 33 meter high minarets adorn each side of the main entrance and prayer hall and four minarets at the corners are half its height (one on the front-right side is in broken condition).

East pavilion is the most imposing and beautiful. Constructed on a high plinth it is decorated with geometric designs and jali work.

There appears to be a second, special entrance pavilion on the north side opening into a section in main prayer hall & separated from it by means of stone Jali – some say it was for the rulers and some consider it to be reserved for ladies.

Lets see the Courtyard, Minarets, the Prayer hall, Domes, Ablution Tank, Jharokhas, Mehrabs, and a lot more ... in my next few posts !

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