Monday, January 7, 2008

Shakar Khan na Rauza

Usually most of Rauza, Tomb or Cenotaph in Champaner are located adjacent to a Masjid or Mosque. However, Shakar Khan na Rauza is one such individual tomb structure that does not have a Mosque close by, it is a single room structure with openings in all cardinal directions. This structure is close to Pataal Talao or the Courtesan’s Tank.

Constructed on a low plinth, this structure is square in plan and is very symmetrical in shape. Infact it looks same from all directions with central arched doorway, flanked by two smaller arches and doors and has a huge central dome.

However, this Rauza does not have any grave or tombstone inside. An old well and some brick wall remains are seen in the surrounding area of this beautiful structure.

I tried to learn who Shakar Khan was, no details are available as of now; anyone out there, please update me if you have more details relevant to this post.


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Anonymous said...

According to a localite, Shakkar Khan Pathan was a leading building contractor associated with royal families and was instrumental in construction of several royal palaces & other buildings. This Rauza was built by Shakkar Khan himself as his memorial.