Monday, January 14, 2008

Iteri & Kamani

Not all monuments in Champaner-Pavagadh are in good condition. Two structures that I visited were in total disrepair and dilapidated condition, namely, Iteri Masjid and Kamani Masjid.

Iteri mosque was built on a high plinth and main construction material was brick while sand stone is observed as main building material in other similar structures. This gives us an insight into the period when this mosque was built.

Two styles of construction most notable in Champaner are, beam-column-dome system and arch-dome system. Kamani mosque falls under the latter category and is so called because of its pillared construction full of Kaman or arches .

Flower, Foliage motif and the Pot design element was seen in this mosque - as seen in various other structures - albeit in a bit dilapidate condition.

Also seen at one end of the Kamani complex is a minaret base like structure that probably was a full minaret sometime, but just one minaret? This gives rise to several questions and reminds me of another structure – not yet described here – Ek Minar ki Masjid.

The path that took me to Kamani mosque (similar paths take you to several other monuments at Champaner), was quite narrow and full of thorns.

However, my “Hero Honda Splendor” (two-wheeler) did not let me down and I hope to continue to cultivate many more impressions of this beautiful but forgotten city!


Anonymous said...


Great Work.
I was kamani masjid and was quite impressed with the structure.

Though its bit far from the main road, 400 meters walking, but Marvalous.

Thank you for writting ur views.

Pls keep writting.

Priyatosh Gupta said...


Yes, I explored the area on my two wheeler; the track to Kamani site, as you may have noticed, was not suitable for a 4-wheeler.

Well, I miss all the adventure, learning and fun as I shifted to Ahmedabad, away from Champaner. So much was left to write, so much to learn!

* Sigh *

Hey, but a big Thanks for stopping by and appreciating!