Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Royal Enclosure

The Royal Enclosure or Hissar-i-khas was the inner fortification built by Mehmud Begda, it formed a rectangle 1480 meters by 280 meters and with three gates each on North or the Mandavi Gate, South or the Halol Gate and East or Godhra Gate. Out of these, Mandavi Gate was built by Muzaffar, the successor of Mehmud Begda.

Inside the Royal Enclosure one can see Mandvi or the Custom House, Sahar Ki Masjid or the City Mosque, Chor Kothari or the Prison cell, Garden structure remains and a Jain Temple. Very close to the enclosure, near the north wall and exiting from Mandvi gate, one can see the Iteri Masjid in dilapidated condition, partly excavated Amir Manzil, Kevda Masjid & cenotaph and Nagina Masjid & cenotaph.

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